Monday, March 28, 2016

FTM2014 / FTM-3 Clean Up Media Categories after a Merge

After a merge of a part of one Family Tree Maker file, into the file I am working on, I had the expected clean up to do, but found a clean up that I had NOT expected to find.

That is that I had many Media Categories from the other file that had media files in, that are not used in the file I am working on. There is no utility / command to clean up unused Media Categories.

I think I found a work around for that and will demonstrate that in this video.

If you think we need this type of feature, please visit, then Family Tree Maker and select Suggest A Feature.
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Sunday, March 27, 2016

FTM2014 / FTM-3 - Citing an Email after merging of a file

Working on a new file, I wanted to merge a portion of my Master file into this new file. Worked as expected, but what I hadn't done in the Master file was to put information in an email into the Source Template format. This video is how I took the existing Source material and created the Source into the Template, then created a Citation and moved that Citation into the Source Template as a new citation.

Please understand that this is my working file with information on a cousin, so the images may not be as clear as you might like, but I tried to talk you though the steps.
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Thursday, March 10, 2016

FTM2014.1 import into Roots Magic 7

You may or may not know that Roots Magic now has the capability to Import a FTM2014 and earlier file, directly into Roots Magic.

HOWEVER: If you have the new patch from MacKiev, ( FTM2014.1) you may have an issue.

Don't Panic.

Do a File, Export and Select FTM2012

Here is a link to the Roots Magic Help Desk that will help you.

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Friday, March 4, 2016

Keyword Search on a Blog

As a blogger, not a good one, but one none the less, I try to make sure that a reader of the blog can find what they are looking for. Now, there are some limitations in what I can control, but I use Blogger because of the Google Search Engine to help the reader find stuff.

I have the list down the left side, base on Family Tree Maker Version Number, the Workspace that the article is about, and the next level within that Workspace. So a Family Tree Maker user, understanding the Workspace concept should / hopefully be able to find stuff. Then I add specific topics, at the bottom. So, there are many "tags" to help you find what you might be looking for.

Google relies on Keywords, at least that is my experience, to search on. I start small, one or two words and narrow down the results based on what is returned.

Blogger helps me with that, but showing me what people are searching for on the blog, from that Search Box on the Left, at the top. I do check that from time to time, to make sure the reader can find what they are looking for.

I want to Share what I saw just now.

Sorry folks, I can't guess, how you might search. I don't think that a Blog Search field wants to see sentences. In looking at these (just now) results, any ONE of those words, one or two at most, would have returned results. I think that I have blog posts about most, if now all, of those single word searches.

I try.

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An Observation in Ancestry Member Trees (AMT)

Not too long ago, FTM2014 "told me" that someone was using a number of my photos from my Ancestry Member Tree.

I noticed something unusual earlier in the week, but wasn't sure what it was. I had some activity in my online tree, that I hadn't done. I don't work on my file Online. All from within FTM2014. For the most part, they were my own photo's from other of my Online Trees. The Sync Report told me that they had been added to the Online Tree. I let it go.

BUT, I just had another SyncNow indication that there was activity in my Online Tree. Now, I have been working on my file most of the day, had even visited the Ancestry Member Tree a couple of times. What was going on >>>

Well. When I just ran the SyncNow feature and there was another image.

The good news it tells me that the image came from the online tree, I know who it was attached to, BUT, it says that I [ rworthington ] added the New Media File. Sorry, that is NOT my image.

I did go to the AMT and do know who has that image. Now, that should be good news, in that we both have the SAME person in our Online Tree.  The BAD NEWS is that "I Stole it" according to my SyncLog.

Ancestry has added that image to MY Online Tree. I know without MY permission, and I would guess without the other persons knowledge as well.

So, what I had been seeing earlier, people "stealing" my photos, was really

This is ONLY MY Observation and I am reporting what appears to be happening.


I had observed this issue from within FTM2014 and blogged about it here

FTM2014 - Plan Workspace - Something to Watch for

Now I know HOW that happened.

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