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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Exporting to a GEDCOM with unexpected results on Import

Recently, I exported a file to the GEDCOM format. When that file was imported into a 3rd party program, the results were not right. For example, I had an Occupation fact that had a Location. What I saw in the report from the 3rd party program was

Occupation / Location

It should have just been


The issue is in the way the GEDCOM was formatted. The first export was in the GEDCOM 5.5 format, but had selected Version 16, when the type of format was selected. I have used that format for many years. Out of habit I suspect.

To correct the unexpected results, I returned to the File, Export menu.

This brings up a window where you select the format that you want to export the file into. In this case, I selected GEDCOM 5.5, which is seen from the Output Format: pull down menu. 


The default is FTM16, which I had used before, with the unexpected results. From this menu, I will select FTM2012.

With FTM2012 selected, a window will appear to name the GEDCOM file.

This time, the results were correct.

Not all GEDCOMs are equal.


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Monday, January 2, 2012

FTM2012 - Exporting a Branch

How can I delete a small group of individuals in my file quickly?


How can I share a Branch of my family tree, that would include those not directly related?

These were features that were available with the All-In-One Tree in Family Tree Maker Version 16 and older. Since Version 2008, we had the ability to Export direct Ancestors or direct Descendants of the selected person. The Extended Family Chart is the name of the chart that replaced the All-In-One Tree.

Go to the Publish Workspace, select the Chart Collection, and select the Extended Family Chart.

Depending on the size of the file, a Chart will be created. This chart is a visual view of your tree. In reviewing the tree, you find an "island" of individuals. That is a few number of people that you want to Delete them or to move them to a file by themselves.

BACK UP YOUR FILE before proceeding

Selecting the first person, and then selecting others, while holding down the CTRL key, will allow you to select those persons to be deleted.

Then, Right Clicking on one of the individuals, will bring up a menu, where you can delete them.

Selecting Export, Selected Persons will bring up a screen to name the new file, with only those selected people in the new file.

The new family file has been created.

There are a number of way to work with the Extended Family Chart with the menu items shown below:

An example might be that you want to share all of the Descendants of a branch of your file, that are NOT directly related to the "Home Person" but are related to the ancestor of choice. By using "Select Person and All Descendants and Spouses" will allow you to create a new file with those individuals in that new file.

  • Select Person
  • Select Person and All Descendants
  • Select Person and All Descendants and Spouses
  • Select All instances of This Person
  • Select Person and nonspousal Relations
  • Select Person and All Relations
  • Select Generation
  • Select Generation and All Descendant Generations
  • Select All
  • Select All but This Node
  • Remove Person from Chart
  • Unmark All
  • Delete From  File
  • Export
  • Print this Page

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